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The Wave of Adrenaline 먹튀검증사이트

Henk Kraaijenhof

International Performance Consultant -

One morning during the Olympic Games, I heard a

knock at my door. It was one of my athletes. He was due to

compete in a semi-final that morning, but he looked terrible.

He was pale and trembling, and he told me he’d thrown up.

Could he scratch his participation that morning, he asked.

I wasn’t worried. I told him, “Haven’t you ever seen a

Formula 1 race? Do those cars drive straight from the pits to

the starting line? No, they do a lap to warm up their tires and

engines. That’s what is happening to you 먹튀. Your body is

preparing for fight or flight. Your adrenaline is flowing, and

that’s great.”

My athlete was skeptical. Was I really not worried? I

repeated that I wasn’t. “To be honest,” I said, “I’d be more

worried if you’d slept well and felt relaxed and bored. It’s

somewhat early to be warming up already, but I know you’ll

have enough adrenaline left for the race. Adrenaline is the very

best ergogenic aid we know. It’s designed to help us survive

life-threatening situations. It’s your friend, not your enemy.

Imagine you’re at the beach with your surfboard, and you see a

large wave coming in. That wave is adrenaline. It’s what you’ve

been waiting for. Some people might shy away out of fear. But

you’re an expert surfer. Learn to welcome that wave and to

ride it.”

We ate some light breakfast at the dining hall, and he

looked a little better, even after just a few short minutes. “I’m

riding the wave, Henk. Can you tell?” To be honest, I could

not. But nevertheless, he broke his personal best in that

Olympic semi-final.

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